Jeff Helvin
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Wedding Day!


Nearly five years to the day and Ashley and I got married! When I first met Ashley at a client's Christmas party, I would have never guessed that a little more than 5 years later we would be getting married! It's not that she and I didn't enjoy talking to each other, but Ashley and I both identified early on that neither of us were the normal "type" that each other had previously dated. Thinking about that now, it's really no wonder then! Clearly we were dating the wrong "type!" After the Christmas party, Ashley and I dated casually for months before we both started to realize that there really wasn't anyone else that we would rather spend our time with. We journied through life together for the next 3.5 years before a few set of circumstances lined up to provide me the opportunity to finally propose. Now, 17 months later we're married and own a home. 5 years may seem like a long time make something official, but we'll be making up the time by hopefully starting our own family this year!