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Every life bobs and weaves through an unintended journey of trials and tribulations that consist of great achievements and second guessed decisions, ultimately defining our presence in this ever-changing world. Some of us will touch many, and some of us will touch only a few, but regardless of how many people's lives we affect, each of us have an undefined responsibility to make a difference somewhere along the way. It's unfortunate that there are those in the world that believe their negative impact on the world is what they have to contibute, but for every villain there is a hero. Although I'll never be an everyday hero that does something as significant as serving in the military and fighting for our freedom, I can only hope to be seen as a hero to my loving wife, Ashley, and baby daughter, Abigail.

This website is merely a snapshot of what most defines me, such as my family, my business, my hobby as a photographer, and now my life as a husband and father. Below is the most recent post to this website, also found in its corresponding category.

Candlelighters 2012 Thumb

Candlelighters 5K & 1 Mile Race For Kids

The Candlelighters 5K run event is one I now take part in every year. This year, it was Ashley and I leading the team to keep the spirit of Team Kenzie going. Click to read more...
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