Jeff Helvin
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Sedona Trip: February 29 - March 1, 2004


At the end of February 2004, I was invited by my sister to take a journey with her to Sedona, Arizona. She was attracted to the spiritual energy that had been long-known to exist there and I was attracted to the picturesque landscape. This would be my first opportunity to get outside of my regular surroundings since taking photography classes and I was anxious to see what kind of subjects I would come across to capture on film.  I was not disappointed! One of the most significant things I saw was the town covered in snow! This intense and rare snow storm made a typical four hour drive from Las Vegas, NV to Sedona, AZ take over 11 hours due to icy roads and poor visibility. Although the drive was less than desirable, it was certainly worth it, and added to the overall experience of the trip. The beautiful snow-capped mesas were just the beginning of what Sedona had to offer a young photographer. Stacked rocks, limitless backdrops and an active river provided all of the elements I needed to get my new hobby off to a great start!